Do you ever wonder about the value of paid promotion? Which approaches work? Which are a waste of money? Wouldn't it be nice if someone would just try all of them and tell you what worked? Well, I have.

During the June-July, 2015 launch of The Death Row Complex, I spent a small mountain of money on paid promotion to determine which approaches would lead to real sales. All of the approaches I pressure-tested are reachable by authors who can't get into Book Bub (i.e. 80 percent of us.) 

There were clear winners and losers. 

Subscribe to the Murder Lab Report monthly newsletter and receive a spreadsheet containing promo sites, costs, hard numbers of sales for the days of promotion, and total return on investment for each approach. Unless you have done this exercise yourself, I beg you, DON'T waste another penny on paid promotion until you've had a look. And if you're lagging on sales, I can almost guarantee you a boost with a few wise dollars invested. You'll also receive:  

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