Murder For Hire

I am now offering the following paid services under the Murder Lab Press business. Prices vary depending upon the scope of the work and your timelines for delivery. Please contact me at to discuss your project.

Ghostwriting: I specialize in mystery/thriller, historical fiction, anything that entails travel, and the biological sciences, but I will consider ghostwriting in any genre. I am happy to provide a free sample along with my quote for your project so that you can decide if I'm the writer for you.

Beta Reading/Developmental Editing: If you are one of the readers who found The Vesuvius Isotope impossible to put down, let me help inject the same page-turning factor into your novel or other writing. If your work is finished, I will read it cover-to-cover and offer ways to improve upon it. If it's still a work-in-progress, I will read what you have and suggest ways to move forward, or you can specify what you are looking for in a beta reader. Suggestions will be made as track changes and comments in a Word document. *Please note: I do not do copy/line editing. Frankly, it bores me, and I pay someone else to do it for my own books. Sorry!

Publishing: If you want to publish your mystery or thriller but you aren't up for the logistics of it, please ask me about becoming a Murder Lab Press author. This service is intended for writers who want to focus on writing instead of going through the time and hassle of either self-publishing or querying traditional publishers. You will cover the costs, you will own all rights to your work, and I will do the work and then help promote the novel. Because this is the same press I use for my own work, please note that I reserve the right to choose books at my discretion - which also means that once I've accepted your book, I believe it can help promote my business. So I will market your book like one of my own.

Book Reviews: I apologize that it has come to this, but unfortunately, my TBR pile has officially become too tall to stack on a nightstand (it now tips over on its own.) So, I have to stop reviewing every book I am asked to review for free. What I can promise for the money is a fair, honest review that does not contain spoilers. I can also promise that if your premise doesn't appeal to me, I'll let you know in advance so as to not break your heart later. A positive review will specify what I liked about it, and a negative review will offer constructive criticism that can help you with your next one or in revising. Once you receive my review of your book, it is entirely up to you whether or not you want me to publish and promote the review.

Promotion (this part is still free:) For any of the services above, at your discretion I will feature the project on Murder Lab and through my social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, She Writes, Goodreads, Book Blogs, Book Town, Pinterest, Amazon,, and Shelfari.) If your content is remotely related to my own, I will also promote it on my official site. This is all done at no extra charge.

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