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This page features book readers/reviewers with sample reviews by each.  If you are looking for a reviewer for your book, please click on the links below.  Please note that reviewers cannot necessarily review every book, and whether or not they will review any given book is entirely at the reviewer's discretion and independent of Murder Lab. If you are a reviewer and would like to be featured on this page, please leave a comment in the comments box or contact Kristen Elise.

A review of Iris Johansen's "Taking Eve", by RT Book Reviews.

Keeping a long-running series both intriguing and suspenseful is no easy task, but superstar Johansen makes it look that way as she kicks off another trilogy within her Eve Duncan series. Johansen wastes no time throwing Eve into the fight of her life, as she faces a father’s horrifying obsession. Johansen never misses!

After finally resolving the mystery of who killed her daughter Bonnie, Eve and Joe Quinn are hoping for some quality time. Their adopted daughter, Jane, will be flying in from London to be with them.


A review of Angela Gerst's "A Crack in Everything", by Blood Rose Books.

In her debut novel Angela Gerst looks at what happens when you combine love, politics and murder.

Susan Callisto is a real estate lawyer but also a small time political campaign consultant and she should have known better when Charles "Chaz" Renfro walked into her office, offering her 20, 000 dollars in order to be part of his campaign, as the election was only a few days away. But charmed by his smooth talking Susan agrees to offer him advice if he can only get the voter signatures needed to run. If Chaz getting the signature was Susan's only issue thing would have been great. However, in a span of a few days she discovers a dead body, is under investigation for murder (which is being investigated by her ex that she doesn't really know how she feels about him) plus working on for all the other campaigns and her lawyer office none of which seems to be going right as well. The more that Susan is able to uncover, the more she becomes the target and the killer is dead set on her not making it out to vote.


A review of Gary Val Tenuta's "Ash: Return of the Beast", by Uncle Book.

How Gary Val Tenuta came to write Ash: Return of the Beast a supernatural crime chiller steeped in the occult.

I was browsing the shelves in a second-hand bookstore and came across a biography of the infamous occultist, Aleister Crowley (1875-1947). Due to my life-long fascination with all things paranormal, I was at least somewhat familiar with Crowley. I knew he identified with the number 666 and referred to himself as “The Beast”.


A review of Ty Huthinson's "Cork Town", by Crazy for Books.

The Doctor Is Back.

In the quiet Corktown neighborhood of Detroit, a mutilated body has the residents nervous and for good reason. Detroit Metro Police recognize the handiwork of the serial killer known as the Doctor. But there’s a problem with that. They locked him up seven years ago.

Because of her expertise with serial killers, former hotshot detective and now FBI agent, Abby Kane, is tasked with figuring out how this madman is able to kill again. When she visits The Doctor behind bars, he swears he’s innocent and not the psychopath everyone thinks he is. Oddly enough, Abby believes him.
Corktown dives headfirst into the grit of Detroit, exposing the government corruption and deadly violence that has haunted the city for decades.


A review of Michael Bradley's "Black and White and Dead All Over", by A Write to Review.

When the skeleton of a teenage girl is uncovered at a construction site in Newark, journalist Brian Wilder must follow a twenty-two year old trail of deceit and lies to uncover the truth behind her death.

While still struggling with his own tragic past, Brian uncovers a haunting secret of passion and anger that could threaten to destroy one of the most powerful political families in Delaware.



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