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This page features editors of the Murder Lab community.  The edits are verbatim.  If you are looking for an editor, please feel free scroll through the samples and decide whose editing style suits you.  Please then contact the editor(s) directly.  If you are an editor and would like to be featured here, please contact Kristen Elise or leave a comment below.

The sample shown below is an excerpt from Whisky Descent (working title), by Sara McBride.  
Edits by V.E. Duncan:

Contact V.E.:

Editing and reviews:
Twitter: @veduncan

The samples shown below are excerpts from the first chapter of The Vesuvius Isotope, by Kristen Elise.  
Edits by Susan Hughes:

Read an interview with Susan here
Contact Susan:

Twitter: @hughesedits4u

Edits by Cyndie Duncan:

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