Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Ultimate Selection, by S.J. Wardell

In a large city, it's easy to remain anonymous, be careful who you talk to... 

The Ultimate is London's slickest vigilante. He is almost invisible; silently creeping around the capital, looking for wrongs to right. After overhearing a man bragging about abusing his girlfriend, The Ultimate has his first victim and is spurred into irrevocable action. Once he starts, he can't stop. He leaves no trace and is careful not to be the one with blood on his hands. His role is only to dictate how his targets will meet their demise. Nothing seems to link him to the crime or the dead. 

As his reign gathers pace, The Ultimate forces a clueless New Scotland Yard to pull former top-dog detective turned reporter, Terry Bane, out of his TV studio and back to the force. He teams up with his old crime-fighting partner, DCI James McFarland, only to be sent on a cat and mouse chase. 

Will they ever be able to catch the man who leaves no clues?

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