Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Judas List, by A.G. Hayes

Between the end of World War II and the winter of 1975, a 700-year-old prayer book, a key and a faded blueprint came to light in Vienna, igniting a 25-year search for Nazi Herman Goering treasure. In modern day Vienna, American agents Susan Koski and Joe Falk go undercover to locate the riches and the Judas List. The list is a compendium of individuals and organizations who financed WWII and, in its aftermath, intended to manipulate world finances to bring about the Fourth Reich. The Americans aren't the only ones in pursuit. So are ex-Nazi's, the Bosnians, Russians and, most recently, Muslim militants. 

Today's global financial woes began long before the term 'Fiscal Cliff.' This second work in the Koski and Falk series takes the reader to modern day Vienna and the Czech Republic to unravel the original sin of a monstrous financial stratagem to control world finances. Koski and Falk once again use their skills of deception and disguise to solve an economic mystery planned to continue progress on Adolph Hitler's Lebensraum of 1933.

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