Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Infinite Retribution, by S.J. Wardell

There's a code of honour among London criminals: you don't grass, you respect turf boundaries and you never, ever do any deal without Harry "The Bastard" Rose's approval.

Harry Rose rules supreme but there are a few new faces in town that need to be taught a lesson - the hard way. They may be big fish in their own ponds, but not here in his manor. From Pakistanis selling porn in Kingsbury, to South Africans and Albanians dealing diamonds in Knightsbridge, everyone doing their dirty business in his capital needs to respect his rules.

If keeping on top of the new gangsters, terrorists and police in the capital is not enough to deal with, his own daughter has just pulled off the biggest scam of her con-artist career; although she fled with £4.5million, she's wanted by some very wealthy, angry people who will stop at nothing to make an example of her. 

Can Harry keep her safe, or more importantly alive? 

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