Thursday, August 6, 2015

Book Promo Sites That Require Ratings or Reviews

I previously posted a lengthy list of book promo sites that don’t require any prior credentials—so, one or more of those might be good for new releases when you’re first trying to gain some readers. Here’s the sequel to that post. It contains a list of promo sites that require some number of ratings and/or reviews. It’s broken down by relative difficulty of being accepted. At the top is Book Bub, which only takes about twenty percent of all applicants (or so they say) and requires a large number of reviews and a high rating. At the bottom are sites that only require a minimal number of ratings/reviews. Good luck!

Book Bub: Good luck with this one. If you can get in, chances are, you’ll sell a ton of books.

People Reads:
  • Requires 25 reviews and 3.9 star rating
Read Cheaply:
  • Not clear how many ratings and reviews they need, but they do promo for best-sellers so I'm assuming it's a lot
  • One author can only submit every 30 days (regardless how many books you have)
Digital Book Today
  • Requires ~4 month advance. 
  • As of June 7 they are accepting 7-day ads (top right corner of the page) in October. 
  • $90.
  • Requires 4+ stars and 18+ reviews
The Fussy Librarian
  • 115K subscribers
  • $17
  • Requires 10 reviews, 4.0 rating OR 50 reviews of a previous book in the series if you have a new release
  • Requires 10 reviews
  • Costs $20 if accepted; only the $20 package takes paid books (there are also free promo options)
Ebook Impressario:
  • Requires 10 reviews, 4.0 stars
  • $20
Kindle Books and Tips:
  • $25-$50
  • Normal books require 8 Amazon reviews, 4 of which have to be verified purchases
  • I have promoted The Vesuvius Isotope here twice, and both times turned a wee profit
  • **Note! They now take new releases without the review requirement!*
One Hundred Free Books
  • Paid promos are $75 or $100
  • Huge reach: 170K Facebook, 29K email, 9K visitors daily...
  • No info about requirements, and they took my money but then refunded it and said this:
  • "What entices our audience to buy is a well-regarded, deeply discounted book with an eye-catching cover.”
  • So, I assume I’m not well-regarded enough, deeply discounted enough, or eye-catching enough, but I don’t know which
ebook Soda:
  • Requires 8 reviews, 3.5 star unless it’s a new release, and then they’ll waive that
  • $10
eReader IQ:
  • Requires 5 reviews
  • 98,000 mystery/thriller subscribers
  • 1 ad per 30 days
  • $60
  • Claims 57K mystery/thriller subscribers
  • Came recommended on another blog (with mixed reactions, of course)
  • I booked ~2.5 weeks before requested publication date and got my preferred date; I don’t know how early you need to book promotion.
  • In retrospect, I’m also not sure why I did (and paid) because their website says you have to have five reviews with a high overall average before submitting. And I did not. But they still took my book (maybe they didn’t look at it until after it had five reviews?)
Addicted to eBooks:
  • Requires five reviews
Tweet Best ebook Reader
  • Requires 5 reviews, 4 stars
  • Requires 5 reviews
The Daily Bookworm
  • $35-50 for a good package
  • Requires >4 reviews and >3.5 stars 
  • Only needs 3 days lead time
ebooks habit:
  • Requires 4 reviews
eReader Cafe
  • Requires 3 reviews
  • 1.5-2 months in advance for Book of the Day feature
ENT (Ereader News Today):
  • You must submit “no more than 30 days before the promo date”, so not months in advance
  • They don’t respond if the answer is no
  • Requires Amazon star rating >3.5 and 3 reviews for a regular promo, 7 for Book of the Day
The Kindle Book Review:
  • $40 for featured post
  • $40 for a new release
  • Requires star rating >3.5
  • Suggestion is one month in advance to submit, they give you four date choices
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  1. I just ran (6 Aug) an ad for South on ENT: $45 to be one of their "Budget and Free Books of the day." I dropped my price to $1.99 to qualify as "budget." It sold fifteen copies, not nearly enough to pay for the ad. As always, YMMV.

    1. Thanks Lance,
      FYI... some of the sites I worked with had comments to the effect of, "We strongly recommend you use $0.99 as your promo price, as we have found that this significantly increases sales numbers." You might have more sales that way. Both of my books sold like hotcakes on ENT at $0.99 and the sales were well worth the investment (I did the $30 promo). HOWEVER... the mistake I made was not timing the promo well with Amazon Countdown Deals. So a lot of my sales ended up happening at 35% commission (normal pricing at $0.99) instead of 70% with a Countdown Deal. Don't make the same mistake...

      Thanks also for teaching me a new bit of lingo: YMMV. For those who don't know, as I didn't, it's "Your Mileage May Vary" (According to Urban Dictionary.)