Monday, March 23, 2015

Self-Pub or Traditional? Revisiting the Debate

I've stumbled across the blog post from Joe Konrath below and found it interesting, informative, and at times, hilarious. Please give a read to the link below… you won't regret it!

My take is that no matter which road you choose, there are two inevitable truths: 1) You have to sell a shitload of books to make money in the writing business, and 2) Nobody else is going to sell the books for you. Whether you're self-pubbed or "legacy" published, you have to a) write a book people want to read, AND b) either luck out with a book that just metastasizes on its own or else find the readers who want to read it. And that's all on you.

Joe, you may add me to your list of self-pubbed authors who have turned down deals. I have personally turned down two. I didn't turn them down to be a rebel, nor to thrust a middle finger at the publishing industry. Simply put, I literally just didn't see any up side to taking the deals. Am I a best-seller? Nope, at least not in the "rich and famous" sense (although The Vesuvius Isotope did hit #17 on Amazon's Top 100 Historical Thrillers and was a finalist in the San Diego Book Awards.) Do I regret turning down those deals? NOPE. My debut novel didn't make me any real money, but it sold well enough and garnered good enough reviews OUTSIDE of my friends and family that I've convinced myself I can crawl out of the mass grave of new authors and eventually make some semblance of a career out of this. I just have to keep writing.

And so, while I head off to do so, please read this blog post, and we'd love to hear your take on the issue.

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