Thursday, July 18, 2013

Introducing Porfirio Press

Howdy Murder Labbers,
This just in from a new press called Porfirio. Potentially of interest to those of you looking to break into publication.

Dear Mystery writers!
Hello! My name is LeAnn and I am an intern for Porfirio Press. Porfirio is a small press, (just getting started really!) specializing in Mystery novels. 
We want you, and your fellow mystery writers to know about our submissions process and our annual Mystery Contest.

If your club, writing group, or website has members who are interested in getting their work out there, we would encourage you to share this information with them. Bring a poster along to your next meeting!
If you are a larger website, publishing newsletters or advertisements that reach mystery writers, we would like to know more about your criteria. Would it be possible for us to advertise with you? Send any relevant information to this address, as we would greatly appreciate it! 

We are currently accepting submissions, and details can be found on our website at Feel free to browse either the site, or our Facebook page for updates and information.
Thankyou for you time,
-LeAnn Bjerken


  1. Thanks Kris,

    I will be hitting them up when the time is right.


  2. Thank you for telling your readers about this new press. I'll pass it on and will definitely check it out when I'm ready to submit. Joyce Ann Brown