Friday, May 31, 2013

Write the Murder: Sunday Afternoon on the Island of the Grand-Jatte

It's awfully quiet around here. The last "Write the Murder" post sparked an awesome little burst of creativity from Murder Lab Members, so I think it's time for another. Mine is below.
Sunday Afternoon on the Island of the Grand-Jatte, by Georges Seurat
Veronique nonchalantly twirled her parasol as she surveyed the picnickers before her. They were all there. The Smith family, with their snotty, rude little boy, was just a few yards to her left. To her right were the Blot sisters, gossiping, no doubt.

"Sweetheart, there's my friend Marie," she said. "Would you mind watching the dogs for a moment while I go say hello?"

Beneath the chafing wire of her hoop skirt, the bomb was heavy, its weight pulling the lace of the corset that affixed it to Veronique's body. She handed the leashes to her husband and smiled at him gratefully before stepping away, glancing around her, looking for the perfect grassy spot to sit down.


  1. Madeleine watched the Seine flow impassively by, the blue of the sky reflected in its rippled surface. "It was here? It happened here?"

    "We believe so, Mademoiselle Knobloch," Inspecteur Lefarge replied. "It was here where we found his...remains."

    She shivered at the mental picture. Georges dead? She still couldn't convince herself it was true. He'd been so good to her and little Pierre. Now he was gone, and Pierre so ill. What would become of her? "How did he die?"

    "Really, Mademoiselle..."

    "I must know. Please."

    Lefarge rubbed the side of his nose, a nervous tic she'd seen him display more then once during this interview. "We aren't yet certain. Was Monsieur Seurat ill?"

    "No, not that I'm aware." But he'd spent so much time with Pierre. Could he have hidden it from her? No. A woman knows her lover and her child, and the sickness eating away at Pierre hadn't shown itself in Georges' face or body. "If he came here, it was for a reason. He's not been back since he finished the painting. To be frank, he was a little sick of the place."

    Lefarge nodded. "So I understand. Did your...the Monsieur have any enemies?"

    "Yes. Yes, he did." Madeleine's pulse throbbed in her throat. Could it be...? "There were men in the Academie, men who'd been especially horrid to him. And a few artists who were jealous of his success." She touched his sleeve, then drew back her hand when she saw the distaste in his eyes. "Please, Inspecteur, please help me. If someone did this to him, please find him. Whatever you think of me, of what I am, Georges was a great man and a great artist. He deserves justice." She stepped forward to face Lafarge. "Will you find the man who killed Georges?"

    1. Nice one, Lance. I'm intrigued...

      The bummer about these little "Write the Murder" things is I really do want to hear the rest of the story :)

  2. The mission had been in the works for months. The intricate planning was thought out to the very last detail. It was perfect because it had to be. The target of this mission was none other than the most dangerous butt sniffer on the planet. Know to the team only as “Legend”, he came out with his master on the most perfect days. Today was one such day.

    Tracked by the unlikely duo of Magic the Pug and Boof the cat. Magic was the muscle and Boof the brains. Together they had all stopped the butt sniffing in the park. That was until the arrival of Legend.

    Legend’s presence in the park was as a direct threat to the peace in the park. Boof has assumed the leadership role in the park years earlier when she supplanted Missy the cat. Now Boof was the Queen-Bee free to rule the park as she wished. The trap was set utilizing the most magnificent bait ever invented, Kibbles N Bits. Legend sensed the treats and when he found them, he dropped his defenses along with his head.

    Boof waited until his tail started wagging. On the second wag, she commanded Magic to attack…

    1. HAHA! I laughed out loud. I was expecting a totally different story from your first couple of sentences, and then I got to "most dangerous butt sniffer" and started cracking up.

  3. Kris,

    I love the opportunity to create a little something that is very fun. You and Lance both had some great plots started. Both of you can really work your way around with your words. I am so jealous, I have a long way to go before I am a professional like you two.

    As for the inspiration, my dogs Magic, Legend and Boof the cat were happy to let me write about them. They thank you as well.

    1. You're a great story teller! I always enjoy your blurbs- just wish your publish something! My dogs approved this story as well; they said you had them at Kibbles and Bits

  4. Kris,

    Thank you for the vote of confidence. I am hopeful that there will be something out in the near future. The over all plan is to start looking for an agent/publisher with a good 50 pages and a detailed overview. The entire book is complete, and undergoing its first good edit. The beginning is undergoing the third edit, the middle is on the second look and the end is being cleaned up.