Friday, March 29, 2013

Write The Murder: Florist

Florist by Joseph Christian Leyendecker for Kuppenheimer Style Book, Spring 1920
Here's a little game.

The image to the right is entitled, "Florist".  Write a one-paragraph story or scene that explains what is happening in the photo.  Of course, we have to do this Murder Lab style - so your story MUST be something that belongs in the mystery/thriller genres.  And please, no porn.

Here's my example:
OK, dear, so the little white petal here is the one that squirts poison gas. I'll seat your boss on one side of you and his wife on the other. As soon as they sit down, just give the white petal a tickle, and they'll never complain about another bunt cake again. Ooh, this is going to be the best dinner party EVER!
I must disclose that I have blatantly ripped this idea off from my friend Sara McBride over at Novel Travelist.  She posted this game on her site, and I so loved it that I unapologetically stole her idea - because Sara and I are the kind of friends who don't sue each other (neither of us can afford it, so it all works out...)

The winning entry gets...nothing.  Except fame and notoriety in the Murder Lab Hall of Fame.

Your turn!  Ready, set, go...


  1. Knowing that yellow is the color of shame, the maid happily pinned on her master's boutonniere, resisting his preferred flowers of joyous orange and royal purple. Little did he know that she was daily poisoning his morning coffee with arsenic in hopes that he would slip into a coma, or better, die. Then she could live a life of quiet independence amidst her greenhouse and flower cottage. She hated entering the manor house. It reminded her of all the cruelties her master had committed not only against her, but against all the housemaids.

  2. Ashton was so intent on tracking the Serb that he raced through several blocks before he realized how out-of-place he looked: not only tall and fair in a city full of short, dark Slavs, but also the only person in sight not wearing a yellow blossom or scarf for the Empress’ Day. So when the pretty country girl at the flower stand on the corner with Ulica Vukovara stepped before him with her lilting, “Na Kraljičin Dan?” Ashton risked pausing long enough to let her pin a pale-yellow rose to the lapel of his cutaway. He spied the Serb attempting to fade into a knot of locals waiting on the next corner for the parade. Good; still time. He glanced down into the flower girl’s clear, startlingly blue eyes smiling up at his as she fussed with his lapel. Then her gaze shifted over his shoulder, and he felt the knife’s tip prick the back of his neck.

  3. These are fantastic! I should have known I could count on Sara to exploit the colors and Lance to convert "Florist" into an eastern spy novel. LOVE. I'm doing this more often.

  4. The young Archbishop couldn’t help himself. He knew it was wrong in both the sight of man and God, but he craved the French beauties. They carried themselves with grace, dignity and intelligence. It was what they did behind a locked door made them special in his eyes. This new one was easily his favorite. Not only did she engage in his perversions, but it seemed that she actually enjoyed the night. Unfortunately, it was time to meet the Prime Minster. The dalliance was enjoyable, but there was a war to avert. This meeting was so secret that his Eminence personally asked the Archbishop to shun his robe in favor of the clothes of a gentleman. Before leaving the French harlot pinned the yellow flower on his lapel before she kissed him softly on the cheek. He never felt her remove the most important item in Church history from his pocket.

    1. Rob, love it! Hurry up and finish that book of yours!

    2. Wow - This is brilliant and a fantastic start to an entire novel! What did she take from his pocket that could avert a war? I'm so intrigued!

    3. Sara, I know, right?? I want to read the rest of this book!

    4. Wow, what a reaction. I am humbled. Feel free to use the idea and make it your own. But I want to read it as well, so someone get to work!

      Besides it is Kris' fault. When she wrote no porn, then me being the anti-rule follower wanted to weave in the porn angle. To me there is nothing worse than a religious leader who abuses young people. That was the next thought. And thanks to Lance and his spy theme, an idea was born.

      I really enjoy this exercise. Much fun!