Saturday, December 8, 2012

An interview with artist Krystle Wright

Yes, you can - and will - judge a book by its cover.  It is well established that cover art is the very first thing that will draw a reader in.  For this reason, it can be argued that the cover artist is every bit as important as the author in the success of a book.  Below is an interview with Krystle Wright of Deviant Art.
Tell us a little bit about yourself.  How long have you been an artist?  What inspires your work?
Art was never a phase that I would grow out of. My father wanted me to be a Nurse but Art always brought such joy to my life. The kind of joy that I couldn't forget. I stumbled into Cover Art Design because my husband needed a great cover for his book. We searched & searched then finally I said "Let me show you what I can do!". I'm inspired by the amazing stories created by talented, creative & highly intelligent Authors. These stories made up of extraordinary moments, discoveries, adventures & characters help me bring light to a cover where it is needed.
What book genres do you prefer to create cover art for?
I can create Art for all genres however Fantasy is really fun because you're creating another world. 
What other artists would you compare your work to?
Being unique is what true artisans strive for. I've been seeing many book covers that book bloggers are featuring & almost all of them look incredibly similar (Model showing emotion & light, bright, airy color schemes). Standing out from the crowd is not always wanted unless you achieve this with overwhelming beauty. 
The image in this post is from Tribe of the Teddy Bear, by J. Joseph Wright.  Briefly describe the concept of the book and how the art captures this concept.
Tribe of the Teddy Bear by J. Joseph Wright is about a Ten year old boy who finds a mysterious & supernatural creature posing as a Teddy Bear in the Supermarket where his mother works. Finding each-other was part of their combined destiny and after they realize that, epic adventures ensue. They're connected in the Art because they're connected in the story. Key elements in the story like the trees represent Wind Whisper Woods, the two-story house is Teresa Trees magical Tudor, the structure off to the right is where the journey begins & ends at ASI.   
What is your preferred style of creating cover art: Do you read the book and design the cover de novo?  Do you ask the author what they have in mind?  Is the process collaborative?  Otherwise?
I like to get a feel for the story by reading the synopsis and key chapters then create. Just a few weeks ago I had a client that had his own ideas and wanted to collaborate. But when I finished and showed off what I had created, which was very different than what he described, he was floored, stunned and in shock. He loved it! Satisfaction is what matters most to me. 
Is your art fee-for-service?  Who owns the final image?
Yes my Art is flat-fee-for-service and has shared copyrights. We (Author & Artist) don't want people around the world taking the Art & making money from it without consulting us. Therefore shared copyrights is a necessity.  
If I were to hire you to design a cover, how long would it take?
It depends on the type of book, publisher, style but the typical range is 1 - 4 weeks.
What else would you like our members to know about you or your work?
I'm easy & fun to work with. Highly professional and experienced. I offer great quality Art at great prices. For Self Publishers I charge $75 per ebook and if you need print just $24.99 more. Typically Freelancers charge $150 - $400 per project. That $150 is for ebooks and if you ask for changes the charges go up with most Freelancers. I love my indies & understand what you guys go through! 
Please provide links to your website, blog, or other contact information you'd like members to have.
Twitter - @KrystleDesigns

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