Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Slay the vampire: most over-used protagonists in today's novel - part one

There are books to pick up simply because the protagonist sounds AWESOME!  Cue dragon tattoo.  But there are other books that I instantly lay back down on the bookstore display simply because the main character has already been done, waaaaayyyy too many times, in waaaayyy too many other books.

Number one worst offender?  The vampire. 

Don't get me wrong, I once loved 'em.  As someone who spent her teenage years worshipping at the thrones of Poe and King, I prided myself on an appetite for the macabre.  I secretly wished for fangs and fantasized that wine was really blood (and that I could drink either without gagging).  And I loved the Ann Rice books, especially when they made the first one into a movie starring a barely heard of young actor named Brad Pitt.  

And clearly, I was never alone in this obsession, as anything with a vampire in it seems to sell to teenagers like pimple medicine.  I assume this is, at least in part, the reason why so many authors now want to follow in the Interview with Dracula at Twilight footsteps.

But that said, the vampire has become the default protagonist.  If I see one more, I really might bite into someone's jugular.  I must assume that agents and publishers are getting weary of this trend as well.  Are they?

Evidently not.  The bookstores have entire tables dedicated to them.  The movie theaters are alive with them.  My Twitter feed is crawling with them.  Enough, already!

The vampire has become a zombie - dead, decaying, and yet, impossible to turn one's back on or get rid of.  Would someone please write a novel about a beautiful, young Sasquatch, and the human who wants to have his squatchlets?  Now that would be original. 


  1. Excellent! Imagine the story of a teenage squatchlet discovering the big city for the first time. Imagine meeting the human grandparetns? Awesome!

  2. Write it! Pleeeaaaase! I'd actually been kicking around the idea of writing a sasquatch middle-grade book for a while.

    And I think publishers are weary of it--I've noticed the number of vampire books dropping off significantly this year. Then again, I'm not completely vampire-tired (close, though). I'd like to see the classic vampire again, the angsty old Dracula locked up in his ancient castle at the top of the mountain. None of this sparkly "Vampire Academy" crap.

    But I think we could all use a break.

    Curious what your next over-used protagonist will be! Please make it Kickass Fearless Girl. Because she doesn't exist.

  3. A beautiful Sasquatch! Love it. You should write that. :) New follower from She Writes.

  4. Love the comments! Kiersi, you're not too far off from my next over-used protagonist :) Stay tuned!

    Kelly, thanks so much for the new follow!

    It turns out that one of my Tweeps actually has written a Bigfoot novel - and it's horror, which is always a good time! Check it out on Amazon.