Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Show me how you show, not tell

I'm going through my WIP and making notes in areas where I think I've "told" something I should have "shown."  "SHOW NOT TELL!!"  My notes scream in bold red.  At some point, I'm now committed to editing those parts, if only to remove the damn red text.

I vaguely remember "learning" this trick in some English class at some point in my life.  But I don't remember what I learned.  At all.  Showing, rather than telling, is like porn.  You recognize it when you see it.  More importantly, you know when you've just been "told" something, because you recognize the drool running down your chin as you nod off to sleep.

Do you remember what you learned in that English class?  Do you remember the formula for showing, not telling?  Or does this technique just come as second nature to those who have written enough words onto paper?

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