Monday, June 6, 2011

Advantages of working for the Borg: free book researching trips!

OK, it's been, like, an hour.  I can't contain this any longer.  I'm going to Switzerland in December.  For free.

I've been invited to speak at a conference, so the conference will waive my registration fee (these are usually in the ballpark of a thousand bucks.)  My company will pay my airfare and hotel, at least for the duration of the conference.  After that, I'm taking my vacation. 

Meanwhile, I've had this story in mind that entails some research in Paris.  Oh darn.  The story idea takes place in Paris circa 1905, to be precise.  I'm not sure quite where to find this world today.  But you can bet I'll have a pretty good idea before I go. 

I found 30 BC Alexandria, Egypt (it's underwater, by the way).  I can find 1905 Paris. 

As it turns out, Paris is only about five hours by train from Geneva.  And then it's a nice overnight train ride to Prague.  Which is near Vienna.  Which is near Munich.  Which is near Zurich.  Oh my.  There are now bobsleds, dogs and the Matterhorn on my agenda as well.  So maybe the story will mutate a bit...     

It's OK, you can hate me now.

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